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Providing a Bus for Orphans at Al-Eman School

Providing a Bus for Orphans at Al-Eman School





Supporting Disabled School with Bus

Supporting Disabled School with Bus

Hebron - Palestine

Educational Program

A Lack of Education Continues the Cycle of Poverty

Illiteracy and non-vocational skills are very high in the developing world, which is why it is very difficult for people to break out of the cycle of poverty. It is a trend that will continue for generations unless people are given the opportunity to progress and to make a positive change for their futures.

At HAI, we believe that education and vocational training is a key to eradicating poverty. By training members of a deprived community, and enabling them to develop internally, our educational programs help people become more self-reliant and promote wider community development.



What HAI Hopes to Achieve From Educational Projects

•  To restore and improve educational institutions such as schools and day-care centres, which have been affected by natural disasters or war.
•  To eliminate illiteracy by way of special educational courses.
•  Reduce unemployment rates by providing specialised adult courses that will enhance employment skills and increase occupational opportunities.
•  Providing courses designed specifically for women to assist them in earning their livelihoods and becoming self-sufficient.
•  Building and furnishing schools, providing students with school books, bags, accessories and other related needs.