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Solar Energy

Solar Energy

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Chicken Farm Project

Chicken Farm Project

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Income Generation

Soap Manufacturing Project

The aim of Income Generation projects is to allow needy families to earn an adequate income and help to rebuild or redevelop the societies in which they live.

In the majority of cases, needy families have lost their source of income through crises such as wars, natural disasters or the death of a father (a key breadwinner). Such families can be provided with start-up capital, basic equipment and training to kick-start their own projects, or to otherwise reinvigorate their livelihoods.

In larger cases, with wide spreading repercussions, HAI either provides families with individual equipment and financial support or establishes a small factory where many families can work together for mutual benefit.

For agricultural projects, HAI provides farmers with seeds, livestock and equipment.

For more information about our current income generation projects please contact us today.