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On Wednesday, 23 June in the afternoon, Human Appeal Australia proudly sponsored the second Ramadan Iftar held by Granville South Creative & Performing Arts High School. The evening went extremely well as parents, teachers and students all came together to celebrate the breaking of fast in the holy month.

There were quite a few officials in attendance such Ms Julia Finn MP, member for Granville, Clr Glenn Elmore from Cumberland Council, Mr John Kennedy, Strathfield Director of Education and Mr Luke Foley, the NSW government Leader of Opposition whom greatly thanked the contributions Human Appeal has made and their many efforts to help people abroad.

The serene atmosphere gave a true reflection as to what Ramadan is all about. It was great looking back to see the great achievement the students at the school achieved that was raising funds to build a water well in Pakistan during the Ramadan iftar last year.

Human Appeal Australia is proud to sponsor these school initiatives as it helps build bridges within the community and in turn brings forth the students whom are the future, into the charitable world where positive change becomes possible.

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