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In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, a Ramadan Iftar took place at Campsie Local Area Command on Friday 25th May 2018.

The Hon Tony Burke, Jihad Dib MP, Shaikh Wessam Charkawi and Human Appeal’s Director Bashar Al-Jamal spoke to guests during the event hosted by Chief Superintendent Adam Whyte.

The iftar brought together around 80 community leaders from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. Community Iftar Dinners bring individuals from different religious and cultural communities together to learn about the significance of the month of Ramadan in Islam, engage in friendly table conversation, and break the fast with an Iftar dinner.  Through the simple act of sharing a meal, attendees were able to learn from one another and strengthen connections and friendships.

The iftar was proudly sponsored by Human Appeal Australia. HAA is pleased to be involved with events that celebrate multiculturalism by bringing people together in the spirit of sharing and community.

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