Sponsoring an orphan is one of the greatest deeds that Allah (SWT) and His messenger Muhammad (PBUH) emphasised. Immense rewards have been guaranteed for those who sponsor orphans in need.

Human Appeal Australia sponsors over 8,000 orphans, providing them with financial help, food, clothing, medical aid and education.


Your ongoing donation will provide an orphan with the opportunity to receive the full education they deserve that may lead to a decent job in the future


Sponsoring an orphan will provide them with essential clothing needed for each season throughout the year


Supporting orphan’s medical expenses gives them an opportunity to live long healthy and fruitful lives


You are not only feeding an orphan, but also providing food for their whole family
Sponsor an Orphan
Give them the opportunity they deserve
Together we can make dreams a reality
Breaking the cycle through Education
SINCE 1991
Over 2 decades helping Orphan's in need
``All Children are created equal, thus they should have the same opportunities in life, the chance to grow up healthy and happy, to receive a good education and live in a loving and caring environment``.
Human Appeal is currently sponsoring almost 62,000 orphans in 15 countries including Sudan, Lebanon, Bosnia, Palestine, and Iraq. For as little as $50 per month, Orphan sponsorship can provide for vital needs and comprehensive care for orphans and their families. Regular monthly payments go towards easing their hardships and enhancing their quality of life prospects.
Sr Nasima's

Success Story

Community Development Muslim Charity

Nasima Khatun is a 55 year old widow from Satkhira, Bangladesh who has experienced firsthand the benefits of the Orphan Sponsorship and Community Development Program. Since her husband died two years ago, her life became incredibly difficult. Living in poverty, she struggled to provide the very basics to her three children, who had not enough food, no education as they could not afford to, plus no medical care. Human Appeal Australia has intervened changing the life of the entire family.

Nasima was part of a developmental program run by Human Appeal; she went through courses in agriculture and livestock to produce commodities such as food, fibre and labour. She was then provided with a milking cow through our sustainable development program, which provided her with economic stability in order for her to support her family independently. She is now able to milk the cow which produces nutritious milk and allows her to earn a living to feed her children and provide education. Nasima is now interested in investing her income in agriculture.

Br Muhammad's

Success Story

Orphan Sponsorship Muslim Charity Australia

Muhammad Bigovic, was born to Bosnian parents in 1990. As he reached the age of nine, he lost his father and was left orphaned. However, the absence of his father did not prevent him from pursuing his life goals to succeed. Soon after the passing of his father, he gained sponsorship from Human Appeal.

The sponsorship secured Muhammad’s secondary school education at first. Later he excelled in his school studies and was accepted to study a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering at university without even taking the admission’s exam. In very little time he received the Dux Award for being the top student in his course. Bigovic then decided to do his Masters Degree and completed with excellent results; and has since been appointed as a teaching assistant at the university. His story of excellence continues as he has also been selected by the European Union amongst other experts to work on a telecommunications project. Muhammad is still in touch with Human Appeal assisting when possible and was proud to be sponsored as he had the chance to pursue his goals and prove to the world what he was capable of.


All Children are created equal, thus they should have the same opportunities in life, the chance to grow up healthy and happy, to receive a good education and live in a loving and caring environment.

A small donation of only $50 per month will provide the following for an orphan: food, essential clothing throughout various seasons of the year,  Educational resources (fees, uniforms and books) and much needed Health care.

Once HAA has received your first payment we will send a welcome letter containing a photo and profile of your sponsored orphan.

Click the Donate Now button and sign in to your account and request to start an orphan sponsorship. Alternatively you may contact us on 1300 760 155 or email [email protected] to discuss further.

Human Appeal Australia has 14 offices and in-country partners around the world. These offices are staffed with highly qualified individuals who offer guidance and training for local volunteers in their community. Local staff regularly assesses and evaluate children and their family circumstances along with the community needs. Human Appeal endeavors happy and productive adult lives for disadvantaged children by providing them through their communities with nutrition, education and healthcare needs and self-reliant opportunities including development skills training programs.

Orphan sponsorship is a continuous commitment unless instructed by the sponsor. For the orphan the sponsorship goes on for several years, usually until he/she reaches the maturity age of 18 years. Sometimes, changes in orphan’s circumstances may bring an end to the sponsorship, e.g. marriage for female orphans, change of the financial status of an orphan’s family, or the orphan cannot be reached. In all such circumstances, sponsorship payments will stop for the orphan and HAA we will try and explain the changing situation to you. For the sponsor the cancelled orphan will be replaced with another qualified orphan from the same background.

Yes, every twelve months (when possible), you will receive an annual progress report with an update about your orphan which contain detailed development information, recent photo, school results, and letter from the orphan or guardian (where possible).

You can sponsor as many orphans as you wish. Many of our sponsors choose to sponsor more than one orphan. Many sponsors select orphans with the same age as their own children. This gives their children the opportunity to learn about the life of children growing up in a different country. The orphan sponsorship will have a positive impact on sponsors’ children, such as the development of compassion and solidarity with our disadvantaged communities around the world.

After 4 months of your sponsorship commencement date, upon your request you have the opportunity to write letters to the orphan and may receive letters from him/her. As part of Human Appeal policy for child protection, all correspondence should be sent via Human Appeal office. Your letter will be monitored and sent by email to Human Appeal local office and they will forward it to the orphan. 

Yes, you can. A visit to your sponsored child is a great opportunity for you to see the benefits of your contributions. Through our offices around the world, we can arrange for you to meet your orphan. We request that you contact us prior to your departure so that we can help with arrangements. Please notify us 2 months in advance if you intent to visit your orphan. Over the years, Human Appeal International has encountered and encouraged several requests to visit orphans. As part of child protection policy you are not allowed to visit your orphan without notifying Human Appeal Australia. A supervisor form Human Appeal or in-country partner will accompany you to meet your orphan. 

Yes, up to 15% administration fees is charged for the orphan sponsorship payment excluding orphan gifts. The administration fees are used to cover the costs of fundraising programs to help raise awareness of orphans and in turn result in more orphan sponsorships.


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