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Sudan, the latest country to be affected by mass flooding from the Nile River has faced destruction across the entire country. Almost 100 people have died from the floods many severely injured. To make matters worse, over 100,000 homes were damaged or destroyed resulting in as many as half a million people being affected.

In response, Human Appeal Australia is running an urgent emergency campaign in a quest to save lives and alleviate the hardships of many affected people in Sudan. Since the Beginning of the disaster, HAA started with providing medical assistance, food parcels with mosquito nets and caravan houses to the victims.

To help raise funds for those affected in Sudan Human Appeal Australia in cooperation with Sudanese Australasian Medical Professionals Association hosted a special fundraising dinner on Friday 25th of September 2020 to help Sudan through this crisis.

In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the fundraising dinner took place at The Himalaya Emporium Function Centre in Bankstown. Deputy Mayor Bilal Hayke, the Councillor Nathan Hagarty , Dr Alaa Almalek the head of the Sudanese Medical Association,  Shaikh Aljaily and Human Appeal’s Chairman Brother Riyad Qasim addressed the guests during the event

Human Appeal Australia would like to thank our generous donors for their continuous support and always together on the road to goodness

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