According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 53% of Australian land is used for farming. Each Australian farmer produces enough food to feed 600 people. As a result of the El-Nino effect, Australian farms have been struggling to meet water (and feed) demands to satisfy their crop or stock needs. Many are forced to reduce livestock numbers and exhaust emergency supplies in order to survive.

Human Appeal is facilitating two major projects to further raise funds for farmers. The first will be, in partnership with the Sydney Muslim Cyclists (SMC). SMC will be undertaking a number of social rides to be held on Sunday 23rd September 2018.

Sydney Muslim Cyclist

The Sydney Muslim Cyclists (SMC) have a firm commitment toward raising funds for those in clear need of assistance. In January 2018, the SMC were instrumental in raising $40,000 for the Tumut Hospital via the Tumut Cycle Classic bike ride. Their history with the rural community dates back a number of years, and the current plight of farmers is an important call to action for them.

Human Appeal is also accepting general donations which will go directly towards helping our farmers in Eastern Australia. We request each reader in whatever way possible either through participation or most importantly, donating towards the Farmers’ Drought Appeal with one of our existing packages or generally.

Together we've raised so far:

About the Farmers' Drought Appeal and SMC Social Ride

Other Ways to Make a donations

Providing Urgent Relief to drought affected farmers.

The recent drought in parts of Australia has led to heartbreaking scenes across the country.

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