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On Tuesday, 12 September 2017 the Human Appeal Australia team lead by Director Brother Bashal Al Jamal responded urgently and travelled from Australia to the border between Burma and Bangladesh to stand with the Rohingya refugees. They went to see first-hand their living conditions, and provide urgently needed support and supplies.

The situation there was unbelievable, there was more than half a million refugees, the road was filled with Rohingyian refugees who fled the genocide happening currently in Burma, they walked for up to 7 or 8 days to get there, some losing families members when crossing the borders, some of them have successfully crossed over but with no place to sleep and nothing to eat and some even losing their lives on the way.

The refugees there are in need of basic necessities, water, food, clothing, medical attention and shelters.

Al Hamdoulellah, the Human Appeal Australia team was able to distribute food, shelters, clothing, mats for 2,500 families, and they have already started digging water wells to provide them with clean drinking water.

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