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Twenty students from Kingsgrove North High School and Wiley Park Girls High School are selected for the exciting “Wise Up” program.

This great initiative is for the benefit of schools students and community. “Wise Up” is a mentoring and leadership program run by Lighthouse Community support, in partnership with Campsie Police LAC, the GWS Giants, Bankstown PCYC and The State Emergency Services-Canterbury Unit (SES).

Twenty young women will embark on a leadership and learning experience over the next six weeks. The selection criteria covered students who have displayed some leadership qualities but have a lack of positive role models or have not been able to learn the right tools to effectively use these leadership qualities. Through the carefully tailored program, students will participate in various workshops that deal with issues like bullying, domestic violence, racism, socioeconomic issues and gender biases.

Participants, who successfully complete the 6 weeks program, will be presented with the achievement awards and certificates of completion.

Human Appeal Australia cares about the needs of local communities and happy to get involved with the best sporting, social events and causes across Australia. We like to be an active part of communities and we hope this program will give young Australians life skills and positive outlook with the right guidance to succeed and create a better future.

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