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On Saturday, 10 April 2021 an amazing family picnic took place as part of the Father and Son Program operated by Human Appeal Community Care and Bilal Al-Hayek.

The day was packed with thrilling and spectacular games and activities. It started creating two soccer teams of the sons and parents where they played a breathless soccer match in which sons had the upper hands and showed undeniable skills in this popular game. This was followed by a boys vs girls footy game where boys although scored the most, girls were very strong opponent.

A number of tele-match games were played before the day’s surprising lunch ” Jordanian Mansaf “ presented by Zamel Kitchen Restaurant of Bankstown.

The event was attended by big number of families whose kids participated in the program since the beginning together with human Appeal staff. what a great activity to close this terms program An amazing family picnic day to remember.

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