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To our Generous Community

On behalf of the Human Appeal Australia, we would like to express our profound gratitude to our community for supporting the Ghouta Fundraising Dinner which took place on Sunday 18th March 2018, at Himalaya Emporium Function Centre/ Bankstown.

To the donors, guests, volunteers and to all those who worked so tirelessly to ensure the evening was perfect, we thank you. The continued generosity and dedication shown to helping our brothers and sisters in Syria has warmed our hearts and filled us with utmost gratitude.

With nearly 200 wonderful guests the night was fabulously successful and heartfelt evening. By the Grace of Allah the donations collected reached $120,000 which will be dedicated to relief the sufferings of our brothers and sisters in Ghouta who are still in the underground shelters.

At a short note, the community gathered to provide help and support. Community leaders, businesses, professionals stood together for Syria. The turnout has been incredible!

Our auction, contributed to our overall proceeds. We were thrilled with the participation level as it will enable us to achieve our quest to help as many in need.

To ensure that those in need in Syria have access to food, heating and cooking coal, medical treatments, providing them with the much needed relief of the life threatening situation in Ghouta.

Congratulations to our generous community on the impact it will make in the lives of individuals and families in Syria, proving that together we do make a difference.

The fundraising dinner was part of the Urgent Emergency Campaign dedicated to Ghouta in Syria, our offices are still receiving your kind donations to alleviate the hardships our brothers and sisters are facing. Your donations will provide them with food, baby milk, medical supplies and heating/cooking coal. Stand with us so we can stand with them.

Human Appeal Australia promises you to stay on the road to goodness providing the much needed lifesaving relief to needy around the globe.

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