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Living in a developed country, it can be easy to get caught up with the little things in life. It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and it’s even easier to forget that, right this very moment, there are children out there who don’t even have access to the fundamental parts of life that we take for granted far too often. It is well-known that access to clean drinking water and an education are basic human rights. They are something no person should be deprived of, yet so many millions of individuals are.

While a fortunate number of children are able to wake up each morning in a comfortable bed, knowing there will be food in their lunchbox and teachers in their classrooms, far too many children are forced to go without. If given a few minutes of our “normal”, these children would likely feel as though they’ve been blessed with the world’s riches. The things that we have gladly come to expect, like being able to flip on the faucet and have clean water pour out, are things that–to these children–would be perhaps the greatest things on earth.

Millions of individuals in the world right now do not have access to the fundamental human rights that we have all agreed everyone deserves to hold. There are children who begin working at a young age, often with a detrimental impact on their physical development, in order to support their families and communities. These children not only lack an education, they lack a future. Without the knowledge of the opportunities available to them or the skills they need to open the doors that are right in front of them, these children will continue the unfortunate cycle of poverty.

This means hard, risky labor coupled with lack of clean drinking water and no educational opportunities in sight. This is the heartbreaking reality far too many children in our world face.

It wasn’t until recently when organizations began looking beyond the issues of our developed world and into the drastic problems being faced by under-developed regions. When these organizations first began outreach programs a few decades ago, and they began sharing the photos and candid footage of the children and families who live this reality everyday, that’s when we began taking notice. We have issues to face here, but there is so much less assistance in other parts of the world and so many more problems.

For many of these children, there is no hope. They have no aspirations about what they are capable of achieving. They are trapped in the cycle of poverty, and without help, the cycle will only continue.

In order for change to happen, organizations like HAIA need your support to go into these regions and build new infrastructure that will allow for educational opportunities to be presented to these children. At the same time, organizations like HAIA work to provide sources of clean drinking water, which allows for better, healthier food production to support the entire community while also improve the healthcare sanitation of the area.

Too many people today do not realize the impact their donation can have on a community somewhere else in the world. In our country, it can be challenging to stretch a dollar to even purchase a cup of coffee, but in those developing nations, just $50/month is enough to provide food, healthcare, and education to a child and their entire family. Imagine the difference that can make in their life, and their community.

By supporting educational outreach for the under-developed communities of our world, you are enabling the children of these communities to have a brighter future. They are taught practical skills that can be applied to improve farming, healthcare, sanitation, and the entire ecosystem of their community. In turn, clean drinking water, improve sanitation and food production, and skills laborers will also lead to an improve economy for the community.

With your support, HAIA is able to assist these communities in breaking the cycle of poverty and helping empower and educate their youth. In doing so, HAIA and your donation is helping provide a sustainable future for these children and their families. You have most likely heard the saying “Knowledge is power,” and in these communities, it simply could not be more true. Lifestyle and trade-based education allow for healthier, happier children who can go on to help grow their communities.

But it can’t be done without your support. If you have ever considered donating to one of these organizations, there is truly no better time. Your sponsorship can make all the difference for a child in need.

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