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Raising girls to become confident leaders.

 It was a well-earned celebration for the final week of the “Wise Up” leadership program. Kingsgrove North High and Wiley Park Girls High were given the honour of being presented with their certificates at NSW Parliament house. The Hon. Jihad Dib member for Lakemba and The Hon. Sophie Cotsis member for Canterbury handed out the awards.

This great initiative is a part of the “Wise Up” mentoring and leadership program run by Lighthouse Community support, in partnership with Campsie Police LAC, the GWS Giants, Bankstown PCYC, The State Emergency Services-Canterbury Unit (SES) and Human Appeal Australia.

‘Wise Up’ proved its success with all students who joined, graduating from the program with great skills in leadership and growing confidence for their futures.

Human Appeal Australia happy to be an active part of local communities and we hope this program will give girls life skills and positive outlook to become leaders and women of influence in the future.

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