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In the first week of June, HAA successfully facilitated a convoy carrying 7,000 food parcels as part of a larger procession of 60 trucks transporting humanitarian relief into the war torn city of Gaza. The convoy, in partnership with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation (JHCO), was an active push to deliver urgent aid to displaced civilians.

The Gaza Strip for the past 9 months has witnessed unforeseen levels of destruction, civilian deaths, injuries as well as mass starvation due to restricted borders following recent attacks. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, the number of civilians killed since October 2023 has surpassed 37,000 people with close to 100,000 people either injured or missing.

Hunger has reached catastrophic stages at an unprecedented rate according to the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP), citing that an estimated 26% (600 million) of the population in Gaza is experiencing famine. Last month, UNICEF disclosed that 9 out of 10 children in Gaza are lacking critical nutrition for growth, leaving them at a high risk of starvation.

“Our brothers and sisters in Gaza have lost everything and are facing severe hardships,” Says HAA Director Bashar Al-Jamal.

“They have been on the edge of starvation for the past 8 months and we are here to stand with them, to help and assist them.”

Mr. Al-Jamal personally received the supplies for Gaza at the JHCO Logistics Centre in Zarqaa, Jordan, where they prepared parcels carrying essential food items including rice, pasta, sugar, canned tuna and meat amongst other things enough to sustain a family for at least 2 weeks.

The parcels are still being distributed along with hot meals and bread to families across various parts of the Gaza Strip, including the North where hunger levels are at their worst.

“We are going through incredible hardships, most people here cannot find anything to eat.” A displaced Gazan civilian expressed to HAA team members upon receiving aid.

Since the beginning of the bombardment, HAA has been one of the only humanitarian organisations in the region consistent in delivering emergency relief to those affected by the ongoing violence.

Most recently, as part of Qurban Campaign efforts, the HAA team in North Gaza prepared maftool which is a popular national Palestinian dish made of hand rolled wheat, before distributing portions to locals. 

“We prepared the maftool for families to break their fast on the day of Arafah,” says a HAA representative in Gaza.

“These are displaced families who are incapable of securing the most basic necessities for survival.”

The upcoming months anticipate the delivery of thousands of Qurban meat tins after concluding the annual Qurban Campaign. The meat will be canned as a more convenient alternative due to a lack of viable resources to store fresh meat.

HAA is also working to deliver thousands of sleeping bags and tents amongst other aid as part of an ongoing Gaza Emergency Relief fund within the coming weeks. The focus is to develop ‘Emergency Relief Packs’ providing vitals such as nutrition and shelter.

Director Bashar Al-Jamal extended his gratitude to those supporting the organisation,

“We are very grateful for the support from our Australian communities. Without your support for our mission, we would not be able to do any of this.”

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