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Over the weekend, the Indonesian Women Islamic Network of Australia (IWINA) hosted a communal picnic gathering at the Botanic Garden in Wollongong for members of the organisation and extended community. The event, sponsored by Human Appeal Australia (HAA), was part of IWINA’s well-being program dedicated to improving participants’ physical, mental and spiritual health.

The picnic featured a light walk around the garden and an opportunity for attendees to connect with one another through appreciating the nature and environment. Attendees also participated in activities and games initiating social engagement and an opportunity to “embrace the Islamic sisterhood and promote networking.”

“On the physical and mental forefront, the trip has recharged the sisters ready to strive and fulfil their roles & obligations for their families, friends, and community.” Says Emma Manurung, a member of IWINA.

The gathering was sponsored by HAA through our community care initiatives which aim to support all sectors of society in establishing networks and strengthening communal ties. The topic of focus was ‘Aamal Jariah’ which translates to continuous efforts. This trip enunciated the importance of this concept and its Islamic significance in regards to charity, reflecting much of what HAA and IWINA stand for.

“The support from Human Appeal has made the trip possible” says Ms. Manurung, adding that the organisation have received a “tremendous amount” of positive feedback from participants eager to join the next trip with IWINA.

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