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Human Appeal Australia has been always with you on the road to goodness, internationally and locally. When need arises, HAA has always kept sight of our local community’s needs.

As part of the nationwide COVID-19 Emergency Campaign, Human Appeal Australia delivered thousands of food parcels and hygiene kits. helping those in need of support during the epidemic. The food parcels will be delivered to local families who are doing it tough because of the epidemic. With hygiene kits distributed to complement the government’s efforts to keep our community safe.

On Monday 29th March 2021, Human Appeal Australia won the Pandemic Hero Awards along with community organisation which made difference to the local community during the pandemic.

The Awards were organised by the office of local federal member the Hon. Tony Burke, MP and local state parliament members Mr Jidad Dib, MP and Ms Sophie Cotsis, MP.

Human Appeal Australia will always be working with community organisations to reach out to those affected by emergencies and those in need.

Human Appeal Australia, Always with you on the road to goodness…

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