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On Wednesday, 17 May 2023, Lakemba, New South Wales – Minister Sophie Cotsis, accompanied by Mayor Bilal El-Hayek, paid a visit to the offices of Human Appeal Australia (HAA) in Lakemba to discuss potential cooperation between HAA and NSW government. The visit aimed to explore collaborative efforts in addressing community needs and promoting social welfare initiatives.

HAA, a prominent humanitarian organisation dedicated to assisting vulnerable communities both locally and internationally, welcomed the visit of the esteemed guests. HAA has been actively involved in various charitable endeavours, including emergency relief, healthcare, education, and sustainable development projects.

During the visit, Minister Cotsis and Mayor El-Hayek engaged in a productive discussion with HAA representatives, including HAA’s director Br Bashar Al-Jamal and key staff members. The meeting centred around exploring ways to enhance collaboration between the government and HAA, particularly in the areas of community support, disaster response, and social development.

The visit of Minister Sophie Cotsis and Mayor Bilal El-Hayek to HAA’s offices in Lakemba displayed the importance of collaboration between governmental bodies and humanitarian organisations in achieving meaningful change. It laid the groundwork for potential partnerships aimed at enhancing community support and promoting social welfare initiatives to benefit the residents of Lakemba and beyond.

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