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Human Appeal Australia has been proudly sponsoring Ramadan Iftars at local schools for many years.

On the 4th of April HAA supported the Ramadan dinner initiatives at Australian International Academy in Kellyville and Punchbowl Public School for students, teachers and their families 

Punchbowl Public School Community Iftar has become an annual celebration for the school. Families, current and ex-teachers, local schools and local community leaders gather in the school hall to share a meal in the spirit of Ramadan – giving to others. Over 220 guests attended on the night, filling the school hall with a positive atmosphere, with families and staff sitting together. Amal Farhat, a teacher at the school, who led the Ramadan Iftar team, described the night as a huge success with families voicing their appreciation. Principal Donna McGeary believes the night is one where the diversity of our community shines brightly.

The community of Macquarie Fields High School hosted a successful Iftar dinner on Wednesday 5 April. In all three schools, students and their families gather collectively on the school grounds at sunset and share in a meal and prayers together.  

The next day the Iftar evening was thoroughly enjoyed by Birrong Boys High School students and school guests at the Himalayan Emporium in Bankstown.

These school iftars foster a sense of community and well-being, develop friendships and build love and harmony through sharing the blessing of Ramadan.

It was so wonderful to see so many people support school Iftar events, which continue to grow every year.

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