Ramadan is the month of giving and mercy,
so let’s start with helping the poor and needy.

We welcome the arrival of the blessed month of Ramadan: The month of giving and kindness. Grow your goodness with Human Appeal Australia and draw smiles on the faces of orphans, poor and needy, refugees and those displaced from their homes.

Zakat Al Fitr

Last Ramadan, the generous contributions of our donors delivered much needed aid to more than a quarter of a million disadvantaged people in 25 regions worldwide.

The transformative power of your Zakat on the lives of people who need it is immeasurable. Let’s continue to plant seeds of goodness this Ramadan.

Feed the Fasting

Choose from one of our many packages which cater towards feeding the fasting this Ramadan.

By supplying food to those who are fasting you will not only reap the benefits of your own fast, but also receive the equivalent amount of rewards of those who break their fast on one of your meals.

Al Aqsa Iftar Meal

During Ramadan hundreds of thousands visit Al-Aqsa mosque to pray and perform qiyam. It is one of Human Appeal’s greatest honours to host iftar and suhoor for the many visitors that pass the holy Mosque every day.

Donate to the Al-Aqsa appeal and share in the joy and blessing of feeding guests of ones of the holiest Muslim sites in the world.

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