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The situation in Lebanon is escalating, starting from COVID-19 through to the ailing economy and now the explosions that rocked Beirut recently, all have left tens of thousands of people in Lebanon severely in need of our help.

In response, Human Appeal Australia (HAA) is running an urgent emergency campaign in a quest to save lives and alleviate the hardships of many affected people in Lebanon. HAA will be providing medical assistance, hygiene kits, food parcels and rebuilding homes as quick as possible.

HAA’s team in Lebanon is currently on the ground providing the much needed supplies and relief to those affected. The people there desperately need our help. Lend a helping hand & together, let’s #SaveLivesinLebanon

To help with raising funds for those affected in Lebanon HAA in conjunction with major sponsors like The Conca D’oro Venue and hosted a special fundraising dinner on Saturday 22nd of August 2020 to help Lebanon through this crisis.

Among the guests were Jihad Dib, MP member for Lakemba, Bilal El-Hayek Deputy Mayor of the City of Canterbury Bankstown, many community leaders and businessmen who joined for the purpose of helping those in need in Lebanon.

Human Appeal Australia would like to thank the major sponsors for their generous contributions and hope that our community will help in aiding the needy people of Lebanon.

Human Appeal Australia, always with you on the road to goodness…

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