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On Tuesday, 25 August, Human Appeal’s Director Mr Bashar Al-Jamal arrived in Bishkek to monitor the field works implemented in Kyrgyzstan.

The trip began with official visits to a couple of key ministries in the country. Mr Al-Jamal met with Mr Kamaldin Toktosartov, the Deputy Minister of Labour & Social Development along with his team to discuss how to best utilise Human Appeal’s resources in upcoming projects that will benefit as many of the Kyrgyz community as possible.

This was followed by a visit to Mr Abdikarimov Sabirjan, the Minister of Health, whom expressed his delight for the amazing work Human Appeal is doing within the health sector through its numerous medical clinics within the country.

Mr Al-Jamal then visited a couple of Human Appeal’s rural medical clinics and thanked the team for their contributions towards helping the sick within their local communities.

Later on, the director attended the opening ceremony of the water well that was donated by Human Appeal as it is one of the major projects in the country and ensured it was functional and operational to benefit the locals and provide them with clean drinking water.

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