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As part of this year’s community and youth program Human Appeal has organised ‘schools iftar in several schools across the state.

The purpose is to promote cultural diversity and share with the community the experience of fasting and breaking the fast during Ramadan, concurrently helping the needy people and orphans around the world through the proceedings generated from the event. This year’s iftars were dedicated to provide clean water to the people of Somalia due to the severe drought they are facing there.

It was a magnificent Iftar experience helped participants to learn more about the diverse cultural and faith traditions in Australia. Students expressed their gratitude for such opportunity that involved them within the Muslim community in personal experience rather than what they read or see in the media. This can be vital in dispelling myths and challenging stereotypes. (the underlined needs to be reviewed further)

The iftar dinners had many special guests members of NSW parliament and councils, community leaders Distinguished guests, , principals, teachers and Hundreds of students and their families joined the blessings of breaking fast together.

Human Appeal is honoured to sponsor these community events, we encourage our youth to undertake volunteer activities to help support the needy in the community and gain social experience and self-confidence.

Human Appeal would like to thank the principals of the following schools for their great contributions making the Iftar events a success.

  • Birrong Boys High School.
  • Belmore Boys High School.
  • Homebush Boys High School,
  • Kingsgrove North high school,
  • Unity Grammar College,
  • Australian International Academy/Kellyville.
  • Granville South Creative and Performing Arts High School.

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