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The director of Human Appeal Australia Brother Bashar Al-Jamal paid a visit to Western Grammar School today to express gratitude and admiration for the school’s exceptional efforts in raising $20,000 for orphan support programs at Human Appeal Australia.

In a heartfelt ceremony held at the school’s auditorium, Br Bashar Al-Jamal addressed the students, staff, and community members gathered, commending them for their outstanding commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of orphaned children.

Br Bashar Al-Jamal expressed deep appreciation for the Western Grammar School’s commitment to philanthropy and humanitarian causes. “Your collective dedication to raising $20,000 for our orphan support programs is nothing short of inspiring,” Br Al-Jamal remarked. “These funds will go a long way in providing essential resources, education, and a brighter future for orphaned children in need.”

The fundraising initiative was a joint effort by Western Grammar School students, teachers, and parents, who organised various activities and events over the past several months. These included charity drives, bake sales, community outreach programs, and even a charity auction, which all contributed to the significant sum raised.

The generous donation will directly benefit orphaned children supported by Human Appeal Australia’s programs, providing them with access to food, education, medical care, and other essential necessities. Br Al-Jamal emphasised the vital role such contributions play in ensuring a better life for vulnerable children.

Western Grammar School Principal, Mr Irfan Afzal, expressed pride in the school’s students and their dedication to humanitarian causes. “Our students have shown incredible empathy, compassion, and determination in their fundraising efforts. We are proud of their commitment to making a positive impact on the world,” Mr Afzal said.

The event concluded with a ceremonial check presentation, where representatives from Western Grammar School handed over the $20,000 donation to Br Al-Jamal. The atmosphere was filled with a sense of accomplishment and unity, highlighting the power of community-driven initiatives in making a difference.

The collaboration between Human Appeal Australia and Western Grammar School serves as a shining example of how individuals and organisations can come together to create positive change in the world, particularly for the most vulnerable children.

Mr Al-Jamal and the entire team at Human Appeal Australia extend their heartfelt thanks to Western Grammar School for their generosity and commitment to the cause of orphan support, and they look forward to continued collaboration in their shared mission of making the world a better place for all.

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