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On Monday, 11 September 2023, Human Appeal Australia (HAA) welcomed a distinguished delegation from UNICEF Australia, led by CEO Tony Stuart and Partnerships Manager Saadgi Rajani, to its office in Lakemba. The gathering signified a landmark moment, further solidifying the collaborative relationship between the two humanitarian organizations.

HAA’s Director, Br Bashar Al-Jamal, along with Projects Manager Issam Chaouk, Finance Manager Mohamed Razeen and key staff members, hosted the visiting team. During the meeting, Br Al-Jamal highlighted HAA’s three-decade legacy of charitable endeavours, outlining key international and domestic initiatives aimed at ameliorating human suffering. He also commended the enduring partnership with institutions like UNICEF, emphasizing its invaluable role in advancing global welfare.

This meet-up was not just a ceremonial visit; it followed a pivotal agreement inked in May between HAA and UNICEF Australia. The partnership focuses on two urgent projects in Sudan and Syria. The initiative in Sudan aims to combat the country’s severe nutrition crisis, while the Syrian project is geared towards the rehabilitation of water infrastructure.

The cooperative efforts of organisations like HAA and UNICEF Australia are indispensable in addressing the complex needs of vulnerable populations. Specifically, this collaboration targets individuals in crisis-stricken areas such as Sudan and Syria, offering critical support in healthcare, education, nutrition, water and sanitation services.

During the meeting, both parties explored future avenues of collaboration, including tentative plans to extend their combined efforts to Indonesia and Bangladesh. With a shared vision to empower vulnerable communities in these regions, discussions focused on launching impactful projects aimed at providing essential services and aid to those most in need.

As both organisations continue to work hand-in-hand, their strengthened partnership offers a beacon of hope, exemplifying how collaborative humanitarian action can lead to tangible, life-changing results.

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