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Over the weekend, Human Appeal Australia began its 14th Annual Year 12 Muslim Achievement Awards nationwide.

Year 12 students who achieved an ATAR of 90% or above in 2020 were invited to register for the awards. Respected members of the community; politicians, school principals, businesses and family members, attended ceremonies across the nation. An incredible 307 students were awarded for their hard work and received certificates of recognition and valuable gifts.

On Saturday the 6th of March, the award ceremony was attended by a number of 147 students in Sydney. The ceremony was opened with the heart-warming recitation of the Quran by Sheikh Khaled Zrayka. Students were invited with their parents to join various respected members of the community, school principals, politicians and businesses to attend the ceremony which was held in The Highline Venue in Bankstown. Students were honoured for their hard work and awarded certificates of recognition and were gifted a 8th generation iPad.

Human Appeal Australia’s Director, Bashar Al-Jamal welcomed guests then various speeches were given by the Hon. Wendy Lindsay, the member for East Hills whilst also representing the NSW Premier & Minister of Skills & Tertiary Education, the member for Lakemba Mr Jihad Dib & Mayor of Canterbury Bankstown Khal Asfour along with a member of Human Appeal’s board of directors, Mr Mustafa Al-Omari & Dr Yassir Zaki from Tender Loving Care Disability Services. Overall, the night was filled with a warm atmosphere of celebration and joy.

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