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On Saturday, 6 February 2021, the Australian Federal Police held a premiere screening of Fired Up, a short docu-film by Blueprint Studios about the Black Summer bushfires in 209/2020.

The film highlighted the amazing work carried out by Human Appeal in partnership with the Australian Islamic Centre throughout the bushfire season as we sent out numerous convoys to distribute aid to the affected regions from the fires.

Human Appeal’s Director, Bashar Al-Jamal, travelled to Melbourne to be in attendance at the event with Human Appeal’s Victoria State Manager, Sheikh Rabih Baytie and local staff. Mr Al-Jamal shared a couple of words, highlighting Human Appeal’s work & expressed his appreciation regarding the amazing work from the local community, whether it was donors or volunteers whom came together to support one another. He also sent his sincerest thanks to the members of the SES, AFP & Melbourne Fire Brigade whom done an incredible job in fighting the fires.

The movie will be released soon for all members of the public to view. Coming soon!

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