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Life presents us with countless choices: what to study, which friends to keep, and which career path to pursue.

Yet, amongst these big decisions, the most monumental one a young person can make is choosing a life partner for marriage.

The quality of one’s marriage profoundly influences their happiness and prospects for success. A supportive spouse can provide contentment, tranquillity, and love. So, how do you go about selecting the right life partner and equipping yourself for a thriving marriage?

This was the central focus of the ‘Before You Tie the Knot’ event.

On Monday, October 2nd, Human Appeal hosted a full-day event, designed by the youth, for the youth. This truly unique conference, held at the Highline Venue Bankstown, brought together over 250 university-aged students to delve into the essentials of marriage preparation, in an engaging and informative format.

The conference was expertly led by Sheikh Billal Dannoun, a seasoned marriage celebrant and Omar Al Jamal, our MC. They interacted directly with the youth in attendance, addressing their questions and concerns head-on. An exciting feature of the event was a live survey, enabling attendees to participate actively by providing real-time responses to thought-provoking questions. Attendees were also treated to a Lebanese banquet with over 20 dishes served by Exotic Grazing in a hall decorated by a famous Sydney wedding designer, Dazzling Decorations.

Human Appeal also launched the student’s cup of coffee initiative whereby students come together to donate the simple price of a coffee on a recurring weekly or monthly basis. Collectively these funds are allocated to support 12 different initiatives every year.

To check out this initiative please visit:

In the end, the event surpassed all expectations and was as a resounding success. Attendees provided glowing feedback and eagerly inquired about the date of the next event. Additionally, we have received an overwhelming number of requests to host similar events in different states across Australia.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments, as Human Appeal continue to empower the youth and be with them on the road to goodness.

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