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Over an inspiring weekend, communities across Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne united in support of two nations in dire need. Responding to the heartbreaking events in Gaza after the invasion and siege and in Afghanistan due to the devastating earthquakes, the Australian Muslim spirit of camaraderie and brotherhood was on full display.

In a remarkable show of solidarity, the following amounts were raised in each city:

  • Sydney: $1,354,345
  • Melbourne: $755,614
  • Adelaide: $801,100

This collective effort, totalling a staggering $2,911,059, is a testament to the boundless compassion of Australians towards those in need. Every dollar will go directly to providing essential relief in the form of medical aid, food, shelter and rebuilding of Gaza and Afghanistan.

It’s more than just the money. These fundraisers become beacons of hope, symbols of Australia’s commitment to international humanitarian causes. By participating and donating, we have sent a clear message: even fdrom thousands of miles away, Australia stand’s with Gaza and Afghanistan.

Human Appeal Australia wishes to extend its heartfelt gratitude to every individual, volunteer, attendees and business that contributed. This wouldn’t have been possible without the shared vision and dedication of your support.

While this weekend has ended, our mission remains ongoing. There are still countless families in Gaza and Afghanistan who require our assistance. Let us continue to offer our support, ensuring that hope never fades.

Thank you, for your attendance, your compassion and your unwavering spirit of generosity.

Human Appeal is always with you on the road to goodness.

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