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Sydney, Saturday 23rd  September 2023 In an extraordinary evening of unity and compassion, Human Appeal Australia hosted a landmark fundraising dinner, amassing an incredible $490,000 in donations. The organisation collaborated with 39 different partners, including Masajid, schools, University Muslim Student Associations, and community-based organisations. The collective aim was to extend a lifeline to victims of the recent earthquake in Morocco and the floods in Libya.

The dinner began on a emotional note with a beautiful Quranic recitation by Sheikh Khaled Zrayka, setting the tone for an evening of spiritual reflection and action.

Br Bashar Al-Jamal, the director of Human Appeal Australia, warmly welcomed attendees and shed light on the dire circumstances in the affected countries. He elaborated on Human Appeal’s ongoing relief activities and how the funds raised will make an immediate impact on the ground.

Sister Hajar Mouloudi spoke on behalf of the Moroccan Association, detailing the gravity of the crisis. Her powerful words were followed by Brother Ihmeed Alshareef, President of the Libyan Association of NSW, who painted a vivid picture of the humanitarian needs in Libya.

Sheikh Wissam Charkawi, founder of the Abu Hanifah Institute, uplifted spirits with his eloquent words on the importance of charity in Islam. “Charity is not just an option; it is a duty upon us to aid our brothers and sisters during their time of need,” he emphasised.

Emotional videos were played, revealing the heartwarming impact Human Appeal has made in Morocco and Libya. The images visibly moved the audience, spurring an outpouring of generous contributions during the subsequent fundraising session.

The evening reached a spiritual climax with the Ishaa congregational prayer. A sumptuous dinner followed, concluding with a high-energy auction that contributed significantly to the fundraising total.

By the end of the night, Human Appeal Australia announced that a staggering $490,000 had been raised—all of which will go towards relief and reconstruction efforts in both Morocco and Libya.

“While we are overwhelmed by this massive show of generosity, much work still lies ahead,” said Br Bashar Al-Jamal. Donations are still being accepted for the ongoing campaigns for Morocco and Libya relief efforts via the Human Appeal website, calling or visiting your local Human Appeal office.

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