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With fathers spend an average of less than one hour a day with their sons, we are currently living in one of the most ‘under-fathered’ times in history. An issue that would affect the upbringing of our sons in the modern world.

As a response Human Appeal Australia Community Care and in partnership with Bilal El-Hayek have tailored the “Father and Son” Program to give more opportunities for fathers to spend quality times with their sons. The program aims to give Fathers and Sons the “kick start” to grow their bond and develop a better father-son relationship.

In a very warm and welcoming atmosphere the Father and Son Program were launched on Saturday the 24th of Oct with the participation of 20 fathers and their sons. This took place at Zone Bowling Villawood. The fun day included Bowling and Laser Tag.

During the launch the lovely and lively sons showcased their amazing skills and talents. They enjoyed along with their fathers, They performed exceptionally well reflecting the need of much more activities to build up stronger ties with their fathers.

We believe that this program offers Fathers and Sons an opportunity to connect, in the hope that the shared experiences can result in positive change at home and in the community at large.

Stay tuned several events to come and many amazing programs to be announced.

Human Appeal Australia, Always with you on the road to goodness

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