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On Thursday the Thursday, 20 August , Human Appeal Australia’s director, Mr. Bashar Al-Jamal landed in Beirut to supervise and monitor the implementation of our #SaveLivesInLebanon campaign.

Mr. Al-Jamal visited the location of the blast that echoed destruction throughout the entirety of Beirut. Whilst passing by the port he witnessed the devastation left behind in neighboring suburbs such Karantina & others in its vicinities. It is there he joined the team in the field with the food parcel & hygiene kit distribution to over 2000 families that were affected by the blast.

The distribution was followed by visits to the homes that were destroyed in the area that Human Appeal has been renovating completely to ensure the families have a safe livable dwelling. One of these homes belonged to the family of Yara, a beautiful young child who’s face was injured from the blast & has become an icon of the solidarity of the people of Lebanon. The smile on her face after receiving a bike as a gift from Human Appeal was irreplaceable.

During his official visits, Mr Al-Jamal was hosted by the Mayor of Beirut Mr Jamal Itani & his deputy Mr Mughir Sanajbeh in his council office where they expressed their gratitude for the work Human Appeal’s team has done thus far and also discussed the impact of the blast & how Human Appeal can help coordinate resources into the rebuilding of the city.

A field visit to Human Appeal’s mobile medical clinic ensued where Mr Al-Jamal thanked the doctors whom have been on the ground since day one of the blast treating dozens of injured victims daily. This was followed by an interview on the Dawn Radio channel where the director explained the work that Human Appeal was implementing.

Mr Al-Jamal then visited the Emergency Corps headquarters that Human Appeal has funded with ambulances that have been of crucial help and importance during the early phases of the blast. The trip ended with a visit to Human Appeal’s orphan centre in Saida, where he met the orphans that have been sponsored by donors in Australia & provided them with gifts.

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