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This was the theme for the 4th adventure for the Father and Son Program initiated by Human Appeal Australia Community Care.

This was carried out by taking the excited 20 fathers and their sons on a trip to the Flip Out on Saturday the 27th of Nov, where kids as well as parents enjoyed the new experience.

After a full session of entertainment and fun Br. Bilal Al-Hayek addressed the participants with a short speech about the importance of bringing up our children to be proud of their identity and culture meanwhile they contribute actively to the land they live on that is their homeland. Human Appeal’s Amin El-Bureeny signified the importance of giving charity to those in need, pointing out that some of the orphans Human Appeal is caring for are dreaming of such activities, our charity to support them would give them the chance to live a better life.

Stay tuned several events to come and many amazing programs to be announced. Human Appeal Australia, Always with you on the road to goodness

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